2 Experiential Artists Take On ARTECHOUSE during Art Basel

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Every year, countless seekers storm the beaches for entertainment and art in Miami to experience Art Basel. Artists from around the world exhibit their paintings, statues, projections, and more than ever, experiences. While many visitors are taking their first look at what the new trend of art experiences entails, experiential artist duo Cris Cordero and Elisa Sain have chose Miami’s Art Week to visit one of their industry’s most anticipated places:


Located on 736 Collins Avenue, ARTECHOUSE describes itself as the New Age Destination for Arts, Music, Film, Technology. In the most elementary sense, the team around french artists Andrien M and Claire B have created a sensory light installation, in which visitors can interact with light projections thanks to sensors and screens. In a more elaborate explanation, their show titled “XYZT” is an exploration of the blurred lines between dream-like fiction and a reality brought to us by frontier technology.

The show consist of ten digital landscapes in four dimensions. The show’s title “XYZT” stands for the four dimensions - horizontal, vertical, depth, and time - that need to exist for the human eye to understand movement in its full
meaning. Each of ARTECHOUSE’s screens or digital landscapes uses lights and sensors to create the illusion of
movement. When visitors approach a screen with an existing light pattern, the pattern changes based on a person’s
movement. A step closer towards one of the wall-seized screens might make a ground of silver letters disperse in all
directions, while a hand brushing across another screen wash away a few digital clouds.

As experiental artists, the core of the work is to engage people not simply emotionally or intellectually like traditional art
forms, but to create the opportunity for an individualized, physical emersion. XYZT does exactly that: It invites visitors to
enter the world of Andrien M and Claire B and to shape their work in whatever way they want. ARTECHOUSE focuses on
the core of experiential art, because it provides impressions and entertainment that have the power to translate into new
ways of seeing art, maybe the world.


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Elisa Sain + Cris Cordero

Swiss artist Cris Cordero and Venezuelan artist Elisa Sain are the Co-Founders of TAKEOUT, an Experience Delivery Service that creates real-life activations for brands who want to connect with their audience in more creative and exciting ways.

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