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BTS: Tyler Kelley, of We Are Slam, Talks Art Basel and more!

Art Basel in miami


Everyone remembers their very first Art Basel in Miami. Many in this city have yet to experience it. But year over year it’s growing. More fairs are added, with the almost every neighborhood in Miami from Wynwood to Doral having some art related things to do. From brunches to art parties the options are endless. For a first timer, the whole thing can be overwhelming. MMM sat down with Tyler Kelley who will be participating in this first Art Basel to get his thoughts and expectations.

Tyler Kelley is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at SLAM!, a digital storytelling agency that helps brands realize and reach their highest potential. He is also the Co-Host for the #InnovationCity podcast, a speaker and a conscious business advocate, who splits his time between St. Louis and Miami. 2018 will be his first-time "baseling."

Before we jump into your thoughts on Art Basel, I’m curious what made you open your second location in Miami?

Miami is awakening. this city is naturally caffeinated. In the words of my friend Michelle Abbs, Miami is more than beaches, bikinis and bars. The Miami I have fallen in love with is mindful, community-focused and collaborative. It has been overlooked and underestimated. We want SLAM! to be the best in the world, and to do that we needed to expand to a tier 1 city. Another good friend and mentor of mine, Tim Sanders, predicts Miami will blow up in three years, and I said, “if its good in three years, then we have to get there right now.”


“The Miami art scene is truly Miami. Its diverse, inclusive, community-driven, creative and passionate.”

How would you describe your taste in art? 

I really appreciate art that evokes positive energy. I believe our greatest challenge and opportunity as humans is the call to remember that we are all connected. Art that reminds us who we are and sparks remembrance is my favorite kind.

What made you want to attend Art Basel?

This year has been an amazing year for me. My digital storytelling agency, SLAM!, opened our second location and first East Coast location, right here in the heart of the Miami. As a newcomer to the city, I have spent the entire year making friends, exploring and overall doing my best to absorb all that I could of the Magic City. I released a video earlier in the year highlighting my experience and love for the city. It was my "Why Miami" story and it went viral. For me, Art Basel will be the exclamation point on an amazing first year in the city. My wife and I are looking forward to experiencing all that we can over that week. All the art. All the parties. All the people. All the love. We're all in!

Anything else readers should know? 

If you see me out, make sure to say hello. I want to meet you Miami. Connect with me on social at @iamtylerkelley on most every network. You can connect with my agency, SLAM! Agency, at @weareslam and on the web.


photo courtesy @weareslam

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