A Place of Purity

"There's something different going on here...and it has to do with a big blue machine," were the first words that Dimarco said from a hidden gem in Brickell called Puroast Coffeehouse as he sat down to interview co-founder Julio Sachs. The physical space is uniquely painted but not in that Miami Wynwood way with vivid millennial murals. There is a taste of timelessness and organic splendor that weaves the red and greens from the wall art seamlessly into the enigmatically growing coffee bean tree in the corner. (Coffee trees do not typically grow in the Miami climate.) 

The aesthetics of the space are enough to sink one into a feeling of calm and rurality reminiscent of the South American forests where the coffee is sourced, roasted and packaged. Surprisingly, this new upstart coffee shop has roots in the global coffee business for over 20 years. While thousands of bags holding the secret roast techniques that makes the brand a success for over 2 decades there is a new sentiment brewing in their first retail location in Brickell. 

The energy is vibrant and the Sachs Mancera family is visibly excited as they recount the opportunity they now have to create their own series of homestyle coffeehouses that offer a unique environment and mysteriously marvelous coffee paired with boutique restaurant style breakfast and lunch faire such as Belgian waffles, acai bowls and avocado toasts. The only thing more extensive than the family's coffeehouse menu is it's ambition to create a one of a kind experience for it's neighbors and visitors. This spirit is not only felt but heard in the co-founder's voice in our recent interview with him found herein.


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