A Crawl for Consciousness

Modern ŌM is again organizing its much-loved 21-day Mindfulness challenge, the Cushion Crawl. This journey inward will take 175 participants to 21 unique venues in Miami over 21 days. Because research shows it takes 21 days to build a habit, and we know that people love games, our “Crawlers” win prizes even as they build a group meditation practice.

The Cushion Crawl introduces Mindfulness as a lifestyle broader than just simply, meditation. Says CEO, Myk Likhov, “Mindfulness is an approach to life that can be applied to any activity. You can eat mindfully, work mindfully, have sex mindfully, and exercise mindfully. It’s all in your intention. You may be more mindful than you know!” Which is why participants will also get points for exercising with the Cushion Crawl’s movement partner, local Pilates chain JetSet.

Their exciting prize packages are designed to motivate and inspire conversation. After attending 5 stops, ‘Crawlers’ are guaranteed $100 in wellness products/services… and at 20 stops, winnings exceed $500. The most dedicated Mindfulness warriors who achieve all 21 stops will be entered to win grand prizes, which will be awarded on Nov 19th.

This inspiring 21-day challenge kicks off at a private event at the Perez Art Museum. With only 100 spaces available, and the support of a 40+ Mindfulness coalition of partners and sponsors, they expect this unique program to sell-out. 

Where:  Soho Beach House, 1 Hotel, Miami Design District, The Sacred Space Miami, Temple House, Faena, Upper Buena Vista, Jetset Pilates, Pilathon, and Budokon Academy, and more.

Who: Sponsors - WeWork, Panther Coffee, 22 Days Nutrition, Conscious City Guide, Stay Fit 305, Dr. Smood, FourSigmatic, JetSet, and more.

When: The Cushion Crawl // Mon, Oct 22 – Sun, Nov 11. Week-nights 7pm – 7:45pm & Weekends (time varies). Kickoff at Perez Art Museum // Mon, Oct 22, 7pm – 8pm

Tickets: $99 for the entire Challenge

Images: A Visual Journey Through the Cushion Crawl here

Contact: Miguel / 305.299.0816 / miguel@modernom.co

Connect: @modernom / #cushioncrawl #meditateoutsidethebox

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