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5 Reasons Why This Event is the Perfect Date Night

This “Best Of Miami” winner is back after a short summer hiatus. I was able to chat with the Artistic Producing Director and MC Rio Chavarro. After our conversation, I can say that whether you’re going for that wow 1st date experience, or are spicing things up with your long-term partner, The Return of Burlesque Dinner Party is the perfect activity for your night out. Here are the reasons why: 


  1. The history provides for excellent conversation. Moon River Cabaret, the production company behind the show, was started by couple Sofia Luna and Chavarro. They fell in love and as Chavarro puts it, have been “co-creating” ever since. He goes further to say “everything we do, we do together”. Adorable! Tell this little fact to your date and they will swoon at how much you know about the power of romance.



  1. Did someone say dinner? After all, it is a date, and trust me your date wants to eat. No matter if you have a vegan on your hands, or whatever as long as its dead type of eater, the show comes with food! Luna and Chavarro partnered with Chef Jose Antonio Sosa to put together the menu below.


The Greek Garden
Spanikopita on a Little Bush
Aureola Meat
Beef Tartar nips over a Round Crouton
Salty Shells
Shucked Cape Cod Oysters on the Shell
Main (Inter) Course
Drunk Fish
Black Ink Risotto with Sockeye Salmon Filet topped with Asparagus in a Saffron Vodka Aioli
Beet Me
Beet Coconut Risotto with a Hint of Lemongrass
Tender Fired Filet Mignon on a Bed of Parmesan Cherry Tomato Risotto
Happy Endings
Black Kiss
Dark Chocolate Ganache with Goat Cheese, Honey, and Opium Seeds topped with a Whiskey Macerated Raspberry Nipple
Pear Seduction
Bosch Pears Cooked in Moscato Mint with a Chocolate Drizzle


  1. Enticing entertainment. Prepare for things to get hot! We may be out of the Miami summer season but this show will bring the heat. It's “one of a kind” says Chavarro. Engaging multiple senses, combining jazz, dance, with elements of burlesque and cabaret. The show will be sexy and fun, and challenge “society to think and feel deeper.” Perfect prep for some stimulating activity, conversational or physical, post date.

  1. Let’s get trashy- er I mean CLASSY! Purchase the gold ticket type and get access to the open bar! Or, if you're responsible, the minimum ticket you should get is the titanium, which comes with food to soak up all the drinks you’ll likely consume.

  1. The venue. NorthWyn Studios according to Chavarro provided the blank canvas needed for them to take their show to the next level. Previously they’ve held the event at the Vagabond which had its own atmosphere and food. It was a huge success winning several awards. This first edition at the new venue has pushed the creative duo to a new level. They're curating everything from the decor to the dinner and are excited to share the “vibe” they’ve created.

 With that said, book your seat today and earn CoMMMunity points. Plenty of parking is available nearby, but since it is an open bar why not be responsible, download the MMM Live App which makes it easy to take an Uber instead.

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