3 Questions with a Miami Foodie

Restaurants in Miami

It's been only 2 years since Sam Quintana launched her food blog Bite of Miami and with nearly 5K loyal (and hungry fans) she can be said to be picking up every last eater in the kitchen table. Being a college student is tough but it was her blog that allowed her to de-stress while finishing her degree in Finance at FIU. Luckily, there's plenty of time in between classes that let her discover amazing new food havens all around town. We caught up her this month and asked her about her comfort spots around town and this is what she had to say.

What is your favorite restaurant in Coconut Grove?

Greenstreet Café in Coconut Grove. Friends and I usually go when we’re celebrating a special occasion (birthday, graduation, etc.) or when we’re really craving those cinnamon roll pancakes. There’s something for everyone at Greenstreet and it’s a place I visit frequently.

What is your favorite restaurant in the Design District?

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in the Design District. I’ve only been here for brunch maybe once or twice in my lifetime because it’s far from my house. However, it left a lasting impression. Every dish is expertly crafted and basically their own little works of flavorful art.

What is your favorite restaurant in Miami Beach?

Big Pink in Miami BeachI recommend this place to everyone and anyone who’ll listen. The menu is full of diversity, the portions are huge, the atmosphere is lighthearted, and I’d drive 40+ min just to eat here for weekend brunch because it’s just that good.

When she's not taking food pictures she's usually doing schoolwork, working (tutor at FIU), or binging shows on Netflix. All we have to say to Sam Quintana is keep eating, keep studying and keep sharing those pics on instagram! Follow her on @biteofmia and thank us later!

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Restaurants in Miami